TCS Announces Recruitment of 10,000 Staff in US by 2022

oyeaustin_news_TCS to hire 10,000 staff in US by 2022

TCS is expected to hire 10,000 employees from the US by 2022 due to surge in demand for its services. The consolidated headcount of the company stood at 4,53,540 as of 30 September with a diverse workforce.

The software firm said in a statement, “TCS has been among the top two US recruiters of IT services talent, hiring more than 21,500 employees in the past five years alone. With technology emerging as central to US enterprises’ ability to respond and recover from the pandemic, TCS has seen a surge in demand for its services.”

TCS said it has invested in its TCS Pace Port co-innovation and advanced research centre at the Cornell Tech campus in New York and similar Pace Ports will be launched in 2021 in TCS Hall on the campus of Carnegie Mellon University and at other locations across the country.

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