US Court Turns Down Plea of 169 Indians and Upholds Trump’s Entry Ban

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An Indian-American federal judge has turned down the appeal of 169 Indians who challenged US President Donald Trump’s order banning the entry of speciality H1B visa holders in the United States for the rest of the year. The judge said that the Indian citizens, who are now trapped abroad during trips to India when borders closed, are unlikely to win their case contesting the travel ban proclamation of Trump.

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The Indian nationals in their lawsuit had sought an order directing the Secretary of State and the United States consulates “to process, adjudicate, and render final decisions on Plaintiffs’ DS-160 visa applications”. To which Judge Amit P Mehta replied “requiring such swift processing would be an exercise in futility when the complainant would remain ineligible to enter the country until January 1, 2021, at the earliest”.

Attorneys for the Indian nationals have filed a notice indicating their plans to appeal the ruling to the DC Circuit. The lawsuit was filed by Indian nationals who were living in the US in lawful nonimmigrant status until recently but got trapped once the borders were closed.  The tech companies also voiced their disagreement as they use the H1B visa to employ people from India  and China.

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